Understanding British Electricity Policy Process: Paradigm Ambivalence and Technological Tension

(Seyed Mohamad Sadegh Emamian)

Abstract available for download: Abstract-Emamian

Almost 20 Years of Comparative Policy Analysis Content Analysis and Commentary

(Dr. Iris Geva-May and Dr. David C. Hoffman)

Abstract available for download: Abstract-Geva-May_Hoffman

The dynamics of policy-making. What the Multiple Streams Approach can tell us about time and entrepreneurship.
(Friedbert W. Rüb)

Abstract available for download: Abstract-Rüb

Degrees of sectorial coupling: Towards an approach to analyze the co-evolution of policy sectors.

(Philipp Trein) 

Abstract available for download: Abstract-Trein

Explaining the Financial Crisis. Public Policy Theories in Comparison.

(Prof. Uwe Wagschal)

Abstract available for download: Abstract-Wagschal

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Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis – Workshop 2014