Dr. Iris Geva-May/Dr. David C. Hoffman

Almost 20 Years of Comparative Policy Analysis Content Analysis and Commentary

(Dr. Iris Geva-May and Dr. David C. Hoffman)



We propose to use content analysis to uncover trends in academic publishing in the area of Comparative Policy Analysis, and identify (a) the development of the field by increase in publications (b) prevalent comparative methodologies.


To this end we will conduct two parallel investigations


(a)   A content analysis of all articles containing the keywords “Comparative Policy Analysis”, “Comparative Public Policy” with titles and abstracts listed in in the following databases: EBSCO Academic Complete, JSTOR, Project Muse, Sage Publications, Routledge Publications (Taylor and Francis).

(b)   We will conduct an in-depth analysis of all articles published in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis since its inception in 1998.


In both cases we are interested to discover year by year trends in 1) Methodology, 2) Policy Area, 3) Geographic location of the subjects of articles, 4) Home institutions of article authors.    In the former case (a) we will also code also for the journal name.

This analysis will also allow us to see trends in overall volume of production in the field year by year.  Based on the outcomes of the content analysis, the authors will comment on the progress of the field of comparative policy analysis and comparative policy studies, and make recommendations for its future development.


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